Schedule Events

Playing with fans doesn't have to be a painful process while on air, schedule an event days in advance, promote it on social media and have all the information you need to get in game before you go live.

Twitch Subscriber / Followers Only

We recognize that you want to play with those who are loyal and show their support, so we've made it possible to limit seats to your subscribers or followers on Twitch.

Giveaway Codes

Sometimes you're just in a giving mood, we get that way too which is why we think you'll like the ability to reserve seats for giveaways. Share reservation codes via social media, the lucky winners won't have to worry about rushing to snag a seat, they can sit back, relax and redeem their spot.

Quick Clone Events

Got an event that you do every week? We save you time by allowing you to clone an existing event and schedule it out in the future. Sub Sundays just got easier!

1-Click Discord

Ever try and get your fans into a Discord channel? It's like herding sheep, or so we're told. We aim to simplify that with 1-Click Discord integration. Press a button and have a server spun up for the event and invites distributed to attendees automatically. Bang!

Coming soon

Want to host a tournament for fun or charity? That's easy enough, we make the bracket and let you seed it how you want. Good luck, have fun!