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Frequently Asked Questions

We have some cool features that are aimed at making life as a streamer / content creator easier when it comes to engaging with us, your fans! Check out the features page.

As fans we found it was really hard to get a chance to play with our favorite streamers and content creators. Even as subs, getting picked to play has felt like trying to win the lottery by getting recognized in chat. This got us thinking there had to be a better way so we made this platform where you can snag a seat to an event just like a concert or sports event.

Events are free unless you want to charge for them, you're in control of the show

It all depends on what a creator thinks up, some ideas that come to our mind though:

  • Playing with Subs
  • Coaching / Lessons
  • Raid runs and boosting
  • Team tryouts

Reach out to them on social media, tell them you want to see them host an event and that you're down to grab a seat or two!